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I have a driven passion for masonry. Using my knowledge, and skills I am able to provide highly inticing rates for you hard working home owners.  House's are in no position simple to maintain, stress free, or a financial picnic.  I am here and ready to help! please call Next Level Masonry.

Basket weave window Fill

I will personally pursue a thorough 360 degree inspection of your residence.  Assuring the stature of your home is up to Next Level Masonry standards ! Quality control is the only way I Roll ! 

Reasonable, affordable, and inticing rates! Craftsmanship that stands strong and speaks for itself.  Exceeding expectations and delivering quality work is my top priority.

Owner and Operator!

Hey there!  My name is Patrick McCormick and I am here to provide you with nothing less than blown expectations.  Providing propper rates to allow YOU to put YOUR money where it really counts.  I have noticed a very discouraging, greedy, and  unnecessary cost for masonry work.  Frequently referred to as a financial pain point.  Depending on the company it can be quite painfull. 

Go Next Level ! Save a brick or two $$

With the combination of skill, diligence, and determination I will be able to deliver highly competitive rates. 

 Aiming to impress your friends? Neighbours? Spoil your children? Possibly those impossible parents in law of yours?  I deliver nothing shy of 100% of my skill, respect, and loyalty to the trade. 

Facelifts and Upgrades

Change their rooms from boring to adoring!  A deserving Oasis! With a  beautiful and affordable brick or stone veneer.  Knee walls or accent walls can create long lasting enjoyment !  Interior or exterior!  

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